He, Peng

A Roboticist.

Robotic is the integration of all human knowledge, so far.

Me: A Multidiscipline Thinker

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If you are a recruiter, I have a well modified LinkedIn Page . FYI: My GitHub. If I could have the pleasure to draw your attention for finishing a new achievement, please email me at Work@HePeng.Me.

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我的大多数的资料都在 LinkedIn 上,其他的相关内容:GitHub。如果有兴趣与我合作,请发Email至 Work@HePeng.Me,最后感谢您的大驾光临。

About Myself

Hi there, my name is He, Peng, Pronounced Hè(賀), Péng(鵬), you can call me Peng. I'm a Robotics student from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). In 2012, Dalian Jiaotong University (DJTU) issued my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering & Software Engineering but I consider myself as a computer guy because my hands are on a keyboard more often than a wrench. However, I did treasure the time spent on Mechanical Engineering for which taught me how to build useful things in a friendly way.

Focus of Interests

I focus on a lot of areas, periodically and simultaneously. == Sagittariuses == are good at multi-tasking and throwing old-fashion things, don't we?

You may find me talking about the personals from Three Kingdoms in Chinese History jump in American business magnate John D. Rockefeller.

You may see how I iterate my Time-management approaches and revise my self-control plans.

Memo -> 大魔王、战天下 <- Omem