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A Roboticist.

Robotic is the integration of all human knowledge, so far.

An Office NAS System Deployment

Main goal:

  1. digital video processing
  2. photo sorting & editing
  3. coding
  4. reading

Owned Devices:

  1. MBP x1
  2. Mac Mini x1
  3. DS214 Play x1
  4. Time Machine x1
  5. Airport Extreme x1

Stroing Data:

  • save all photos on MINI, due to the hard disk speed is fantastic high(up to 450M bps)
  • save all videos on a portable thouderbolt drive (试验中)
  • save all codes project on MBP
  • save all reading PDFs on MBP


  1. share the Xprojects folder and Google Sync from MBP
  • so when you coding from MINI, the different version of code won't happen. the codes are small files, they don't need high speed local networking.
  • and you can read PDFs from MBP without duplicating big Book librarys
  1. only editing the digital works on MINI, use the Airplay App to turn the MBP as the second display screen.
  2. store movies on the DS214play, it runs as the server and connect it to router via twisted net cable.
  3. Only enable the Baidu sync on MINI to download files.


  • the Notability presents a PDF editor and reader some times, and it's sync via icloud. As a result, this app has a synced copy on everywhere you use it.
  • install Dropbox on both computers, because I reduce the dropbox storing size to be small and portable. By doing this is only solving the problem in case of having trouble with either MBP or MINI when one of the down for maintains.
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