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  1. Regular Expression Simple Usage in Python

    Abstract: I feel the regular expression is a monster, in both ways. Hard to learn, hard to use. Because the dude who concept this is in the 1950s and at this time everything is very C-style (raw and not beautiful). However, for some reason, I have…

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  2. Dinosaur Classifier Using Interesting Key Points, OpenCV

    Abstract: This post will introduce two ways of classify an object using the OpenCV library. It is very good for beginner to study this post because after this you will get an idea of what the whole processing looks like. Notice: This project was don…

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  3. Rapidly Exploring Random Tree (RRT), OpenRave, 7-DOF PR2 Robot Arm, C++

    Abstract: There are a lot motion planning algorithms but few of them work well on a high-dimensional C-Space, until the RRT[^n] is out. In this post, we are going to implement a RRT algorithm in C++ and test it on a PR2 robot arm. Introduction First…

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  4. Why Is C-Space So Important To A Roboticist ?

    Abstract: Configuration Space, short as C-Space, is a map for a roboticist finding some collision-free paths with a robot. A lot people don't get this idea truly understand and become confused in the next learning step. I'm going to contribut…

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  5. What Is The Image Morphological Processing ?

    Intro: Morphology is used in image processing to reduce noise. This article shows some examples from Youtube to explain how the processing is working. Binary Image Processing These example are the basic ones, they pre-process a gray scale image ba…

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