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Tag: C++

  1. ROS TF, Whoever wrote the Python API, F**ked up the concepts.

    Abstract: TF, is very useful when dealing with transformations in robot navigation. Unfortunately, the ROS wiki did a very poor job to make all the concepts in the same manner and there is merely any well done tutorials online about this. In this art…

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  2. Rapidly Exploring Random Tree (RRT), OpenRave, 7-DOF PR2 Robot Arm, C++

    Abstract: There are a lot motion planning algorithms but few of them work well on a high-dimensional C-Space, until the RRT[^n] is out. In this post, we are going to implement a RRT algorithm in C++ and test it on a PR2 robot arm. Introduction First…

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  3. Re-Learning C++ Basic

    Abstract: Recently I start using C++ again but having a long time in Python makes me almost forget everything on C++, in which case is common. This programming language is not a big deal, what matters are the logistics behind your programming thought…

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